DJI has released a update for their DJI G 4 App that supports the Phantom 4/Mavic/Inspire 2 upwards. The updates are for the Mavic and Inspire 2 but general updates and bug fixes will improve things all round.

What’s New in Version 4.0.3
Inspire 2
– Added support for single-finger drag and two-finger zoom in FPV
– Added Confirm option for C1 and Cancel option for C2 during Low Battery RTH
– Added support for setting WB in Quick Settings

– Added notification when the propeller cage switch is enabled
– Added tutorials for tapping the screen lightly to focus when first shooting photos and videos
– Added quick restart button when IMU calibration is complete

– Updated playback with improved UI and decoding logic
– Added support for tuning main controller sensitivity in advanced gimbal settings
– Added icon for No SD Card when shooting photos and videos

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