Now that the DJI Mavic have been released, I thought it would be good to list the issues most commonly reported by users and what we know is happening with them o what the fix is.

NOTE: Although there might be some common issues that *some people are reporting its by no means a reason NOT to buy a Mavic. There will always be issues and they will be resolved along the way. Keep looking back over this page for updates to any issue.

Known Common Problems With the DJI Mavic – Updated 09-11-2016

The issue are listed in no particular order. This will be updated as and when news arrived of fixes/new problems. NEWEST REPORTED ISSUES ARE LISTED FIRST.

Unresponsiveness from the RC: Some reported that the Mavic stopped responding to RC commands. Resolved in firmware v01.02.0900

USB connectivity issues: Some users have reported issues with the connectivity between the RC and smartphone. This resulted in the app disconnecting. Resolved in firmware v01.02.0900

Compass Calibration Issues: Many people are experiencing issues calibrating the compass. When doing a compass calibration, make sure its well away from metal objects. Also make sure you have no metal objects/watches on when doing t ( watches with a mag strap can cause issues ). Also make sure to carry out the calibration with the Mavic in its RTF form ( arms opened ). RESOLVED by following the proper procedure

Crazy shaking Gimbal: A very small number of people have had Mavic’s develop a crazy shaking gimbal. Issues like this needs reporting to DJI for a replacement Mavic. RESOLVED by contacting DJI
Shaking Gimbal DJI Mavic

Missing items in the box: Some users have reported that items such as USB Type-C and spare props are missing in the box. This seems to be a packing issue on DJI’s end and should be corrected. If you have a missing item, contact and they will sort you out. RESOLVED by contacting DJI

1080p/60 looks bad: fd Many have commented ( and many more moaned without even owning a Mavic ) that the 1080p/60fps mode does not provide good video. This is a limitation of the SOC used on the Mavic as opposed to the Phantom 4. You can read about it a little in the attached PDF. HARDWARE LIMITATION

Gimbal vibrations when reviewing video: A few users have reported this and it seems to be a gimbal issue ( ). This issue need to be reported to dji and have the Mavic replaced. There Is no usr fix for this. RESOLVED by contacting DJI

Stick input not centering: Some users have reported that when moving the sticks in the gimbal calibration settings, the data on screen shows that the stick is NOT centered when the user lets go of them ( ). This was passed on to DJI R&D and their response was that its an APP issue and will not impact flight ( ). Resolved in firmware v01.02.0900

Missing parts on the Mavic and RC: Some have received their Mavic with parts missing on the RC and Mavic itself. These seems to be limited QA issues during assembly. Report the issue to to get it sorted. RESOLVED by contacting DJI

Video/Image footage is blurry: This is dues to users NOT focusing to infinity or to the desired focus range. Unlike other DJI craft ( excluding the Inspire 1 with X5 ), there was no need to focus the camera. Ther mavic gave us ‘Touch To Focus’, this requires the user to tap the screen to focus where they want or set one of the C buttons to do it on the center point ( ). RESOLVED User needs to RTM

RC clamp covers my iPhone button: This is a simple fix by enabling AssistiveTouch within IOS: General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and set it to ON – This will give you a small gray circle on screen. Just tap this for button features. RESOLVED by using built in smartphone features

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