Who wants some prop cages for the Mavic?

DJI have just released prop cages for the Mavic and they look menacing. No longer do we have stupid little plastic bumpers, DJI have done all out on full cages for the props. They do come at a bit of a premium though costing £163 ( $159 ). These things will make the Mavic the ultimate indoor flying machine..

The setup comes with 4 cages, two securing locks and three pairs of different design peops compatible with the cages ( http://store.dji.com/product/mavic-7728-quick-release-folding-propellers ).

An interesting side note, DJI have this below the description “This product is manufactured by SZ DJI Baiwang Technology Co., Ltd. affiliated with DJI Group.” – They seem to be operating as separate companies for some manufacturing..

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