You might have been seeing an images/links on Facebook that claim a new Mavic is going to be released by DJI at the MWC 2017 – This is complete bull crap and all they want is for you to click their affiliate links or as Trump would say, spread “FAKE NEWS” – Was not going to mention the event but this forced my hand 🙂

The image is real and part of a press invite that DJI have sent out for the event in Barcelona on February 27th to the 2nd March. The image shows an image similar to an Inspire 2 motor/arm/led – It does look a little different from the actual Inspire 2 LED but the different is so minute that it still looks the same. DJI are announcing a new variant of the Inspire 2, probably a black edition maybe or ore likely a new Matrice that will feature a similar motor to the Inspire 2.

The news to look for is the release of the goggles. Yeb, them goggles are finally going to be available to buy.. I am normally the first to want to say what DJI are announcing with as much detail as I can but not this time.. People I think need some surprises in their life.. So until release day, see ya ( on check Osmo-Guide at some point – shhhhhhh 😉 )

Link to where most of the info on Facebook has come from – And I say again.. Not a Mavic 2

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