With only five days until DJI reveal to the world their new product ( maybe productS : ), lets have a look at what we know about the DJI Mavic.


The DJI Mavic will be a folding quad meaning the arms will fold inwards to make it smaller for travel and storage. It will sit nicely in the palm of your hand when folded. It will be as little as 200mm long when folded.



The Mavic will be powered by a proprietary 3,850MA 11.4v Battery.
DJI Mavic


The Mavic will be a quadcopter with folding arms and props. The front arms will be slightly higher than the rear ones. It will deviate away from the shape of the Phantom series and opt for a move angular look. It will feature a light on each arm as well as a large light on the rear. It will feature replaceable props with a huf design similar to the E1200 series motors/props from DJI. The underside will have two vision cameras as well as two sonar modules. There will also be a “linking” button on the bottom. On the side there will be an USB/SD Card slot.

5 DJI Mavic Compact Drone Rear Light


The Mavic will have similar features to the DJI Phantom 4, so Actvetrack, object avoidance, vision positioning and sonar altitude hold.



The Mavic will weigh 650 grams.

DJI Mavic

6 RC:

The RC looks a bit like a car stereo and displays telemetry like speed, RPM, distance, height, status, vision sensor info and battery level. It will likely be able to accommodate a mobile device ( possibly even a model with built in screen ) for FPV.



The Mavic is slated to come in three different versions. Best guess on these are Mavic S ( being the lower spec ), Mavic X ( middle spec ) and Mavic Flagship ( being the top model ). Its not 100% known what the differences will be in the S and X versions but the Flagship is billed to have Lightbridge and be capable of 4k recording and 12 megapixels at a minimum.

Mavic News


The “Flagship” version of Mavic is thought to cost about $1200 ( the same as a DJI Phantom 4 ).

DJI Mavic Flagship Price


The mavic will be announced on September the 27th 2016 in New York ( 5PM UK Time )

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